Sales Agent

As mentioned before, VGW Group is versatile in its services. Our partner real estate agents assist individuals, housing corporations, developers, and institutional investors in buying and selling properties. This includes the conversion of former rental properties into individually owned units, guidance in purchasing a new home, and the sale of individual homes or housing projects.

Assistance in buying a home

With a purchasing agent from one of VGW's partners, you can find and purchase your dream home in the Utrecht region. We provide comprehensive support from start to finish. While you let your heart guide you, we keep you focused. We conduct research, negotiate, and scrutinize the details. We make the process of buying a home easy, smooth, and enjoyable.

Selling your home

If you're considering selling your home, choose VGW as your real estate agent. With our advice and robust sales strategy, you can maximize your selling price under the most favorable conditions. And importantly, you won't have to worry about a thing. We ensure that the entire selling process is efficient and pleasant for you.

How VGW Group sells your house

We create a stylish presentation with appealing photos and property descriptions. During viewings, we take care of every detail to make potential buyers feel at home. We also handle the negotiation process when receiving offers, always consulting with you along the way. You'll have control without having to deal with the hassle yourself.