Research and Advisory

VGW Group has local roots and extensive expertise in real estate acquisition, sale, rental, and management. We leverage this broad knowledge to assist investors and developers who are planning to develop an area or housing project. We are often involved as a consultative advisor in the early stages of new construction and redevelopment projects.

In a nutshell

We analyze the location, target audience(s), market trends, and strengths and weaknesses of the proposed concept. Through our housing market analysis and research reports, we quickly identify which target audience is attracted to the location, what type of product is in demand, and the appropriate pricing. With this data-driven approach, you can align supply and demand more accurately. Many (private) investors and developers have already benefited from this approach.

Or opt for a quick scan

If the development is already in an advanced stage, we can still be of service. Let us conduct a brief check on the market conformity of the established rental and sale prices. This quick scan provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the market, backed by our expert advice.

Share your plans with us, and we will swiftly collaborate with you, ensuring that the project doesn't experience any delays in this crucial phase.